It’s really upsetting that everything looks nice on my Cintiq but then looks like garbo on my other monitor.

This is dedicated to mochibichan since she got this song stuck in my head today

I don’t SHIP THESE TWO NO NOT WHAT WHO ME #bravelydefault

Crappy cellphone pics of Edea doodles.  

Wheezes/// Happy Halloween

Oh god I’ve had this sitting unfinished for like a week/// I just slapped colors on it.

It’s transparent.

whispers I’m so sorry this took me too long/// 

Copics are suffering, bye

whispers soon

I did this without references bye

Headcannon: Aoba does sexual things in public to try to give Koujaku nosebleeds. 

I had to doodle it and get out out of my system I’ve had this idea since yesterday

Based on this textpost

I can’t sit still and finish one thing

Here’s a wip of this cute dumb idiot

# aoba
# dmmd
# sel's art

Ugh I know his hair cant actually do that but ugh

lunavere whispered:


And here’s the transparent one.

I kinda wanna draw the rest and make it a sticker ah

I’ll upload a transparent one too.