I don’t SHIP THESE TWO NO NOT WHAT WHO ME #bravelydefault

Crappy cellphone pics of Edea doodles.  

Wheezes/// Happy Halloween

Oh god I’ve had this sitting unfinished for like a week/// I just slapped colors on it.

It’s transparent.

whispers I’m so sorry this took me too long/// 

Copics are suffering, bye

whispers soon

I did this without references bye

Headcannon: Aoba does sexual things in public to try to give Koujaku nosebleeds. 

I had to doodle it and get out out of my system I’ve had this idea since yesterday

Based on this textpost

I can’t sit still and finish one thing

Here’s a wip of this cute dumb idiot

# aoba
# dmmd
# sel's art

Ugh I know his hair cant actually do that but ugh

lunavere whispered:


And here’s the transparent one.

I kinda wanna draw the rest and make it a sticker ah

I’ll upload a transparent one too.

It’s too late I spent too much time on this for what it is

It’s transparent.