I wanna put this one up here too///

And here’s the tweet after I showed up in a youtube video for the Walking Dead Escape from the original writer of Warm Bodies.

All the Warm Bodies posts reminded me that I cosplayed R at Comic Con. 

And I never posted a picture.


Comet-con 2014 at UTD

Wheee!  I’m the Kuriyama!  <3

This is one of my favorite pictures of me from the con.


tateyama ayano | (selunari)
kisaragi shintaro | (minimumexposure)

KAGEPRO BABIES when she brought out the crane i lost my mind

I have to catch a plane tomorrow  so here’s tomorrow’s cosplay early.  <3 

And yes I’m aware Barnaby wears red boots mine just don’t fit anymore.


SDCC Day 2

Yeah, Sorry there aren’t a lot of non-homestuck related cosplay pics that I took this day, sorry, but The ones that I took were pretty fucking rad.  Plus some bonus chalk art.  Woohoo.

This is why I don’t trust people who say high school is the best time of your life.  I couldn’t go to school like this before.  But in college nobody cares.

Bunny is seriously precious.
I was worried that I was keeping her from doing anything she needed to.

It was amazing.

Today was so wonderful omg.

I can’t explain my feelings of how glad I was that everyone reacted positively to my costume.


Some of my all time favorite cosplays I’ve done.  I did the 10th doctor as well but I don’t have a pic :’(

Whoops I Fem!Dave’d for class today.


You can’t see it but I have a BIG ASS ponytail lolol.

I need to get pictures of this :u  I think you guys might like it.